Apply for Membership

The steps are as follows:

(1) Eligibility.  Membership is open to Bulgarians, whether living in Bulgaria or abroad, as well as foreigners who live in Bulgaria. 

(2) Application.  Download the "Membership Application" form (link below). Fill in the form, sign it, scan it, and attach it to an email addressed to: (See Note 1)

(3) Fees.  Membership fee categories: (a) Individual membership - 100 BGN per year, and (b) Institutional membership - 300 BGN per year. Membership follows the calendar year.  (See Notes 2 and 3) NB! Please note that membership fees do NOT apply (until further notice). 

(4) Banking Details.  Details on how to pay are here: (See Note 4)

(5) Membership Perks. Upon receiving the membership fee the new members will receive the membership perks. (See Note 5)

(1) After the application form has been reviewed and accepted, the applicant will be notified and invited to pay the membership fee.
(2) On application for institutional membership: (a) The person who represent the institution fills in and submits the application, (b) She/he should list a personal email address (not one belonging to the institution), (c) The name of the institution is to be included on the application form.
(3) The deadline for paying the membership fee is 31 January.
(4) (a) Pay into the BGN account, (b) In case of payment in a branch office (as opposed to online banking), the applicant's name (person or institution) is to be included with the payment.
(5) Membership perks include: (a) Website login credentials, (b) Be listed on the website's membership page, (c) Personal profile page, (d) Access to information about other members, including contact information, and (e) Be added to the email distribution list.